The Inevitable Growth of Electric Cars

Since Henry Ford developed the concept of mass production of cars in the early 20th century, fossil fuel vehicles have become the mainstream means of transportation in the world, for a lot of good reasons.

They move people and goods fast, safely and comfortably and their cost is within reach of the average families. All was going well for the car industry. 

Disadvantages of Traditional Cars

After more than a century of dominance, the internal combustion engines that power cars are causing an alarm. We now realize the negative impact of traditional cars in the environment resulting from fuel consumption and consequently CO2 emissions that lead to air pollution. These emissions are widely accepted as a contributor to global warming. It is also projected that at the rate of our consumption, world oil supply will be depleted in just over 51 years from now. 

Governments have passed Climate Change regulations setting legal obligations that will target limiting emissions. Some countries have also been discussing a potential zero-emission by the century’s end to reduce the overall negative impact on the environment.      

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